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Dec 30, 2005 Erica Michelle Larkin (New Site)
Dec 30, 2005 John Doolittle and Ellen Baker Scale Peru's Machu Picchu (Friends from DC)
Dec 23, 2005 Wayposts in my Life, 1943 through 1980s (Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten)
Dec 23, 2005 Carole-Anne in South Bay News (John and Pat Vander-Putten Family) 
Dec 22, 2005 Our Family Christmas Letter, 2005 (Brian Larkin and Elizabeth VanderPutten)
Dec 21, 2005 Christmas 2005 - A Letter from Paul & Laurie Loken (Pages from the West Wing)
Dec 20, 2005 Our Family Christmas Letter 2005 (Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten)
Dec 12, 2005 "...touching something a saint had produced..." (My New Mexico, Miraculous Staircase)
Dec 6, 2005 Winter officially arrives ...  (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Dec 3, 2005 My First Boyfriend's Birthday Party when I was 10 (Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten)
Nov 30, 2005 Matthew VanderPutten Oct 2005 (Rich and Meg VanderPutten)
Nov 30, 2005 Kyler VanderPutten Oct 2005 (Rich and Meg VanderPutten)
Nov 30, 2005 A Late November Thunderstorm (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Nov 28, 2005 The Shannon and Dawne Larkin Family (Site Updated)
Nov 25, 2005 The Charles Joseph Larkin Family Genealogy, 1830 through 2005
Nov 23, 2005 Welcome to the Maureen Larkin Harmon and Family (Maureen and John Harmon family)
Nov 22, 2005 Shane: The High School Years (Daniel and Michelle Larkin)
Nov 20, 2005 Christmas with the Carpenters 2004 (Paige and Everett and Family)
Nov 19, 2005 Joey and Hannah: Cole Family Update 2005 (Tracy and Jim Larkin)
Nov 19, 2005 Riley-Beth: Snapshots from 2005 (Lori and Rick Andresen)
Nov 18, 2005 Who's Who in the Charles Joseph Larkin Family?
Nov 17, 2005 My Family? (Denise Larkin Sprague)
Nov 17, 2005 Who Am I? (Denise Larkin Sprague)
Nov 14, 2005 Black Belt Jon (Tracy and Jeff Larkin-Thomason)
Nov 9, 2005 Our Indian summer has been incredible! (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Nov 6, 2005 My NSF/State Department Embassy Fellowship in Germany 2005 (Special Times)
Oct 20, 2005 Daniel Larkin Update (Daniel and Michelle Larkin)
Oct 15, 2005 I got a letter from Kyler (My Scrapbook)
Oct 12, 2005 Summering in Lake Carmel, by Joseph P Belsito (We Remember Lake Carmel Update)
Oct 7, 2005 Gratitude (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Oct 7, 2005 Moon Flowers (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Oct 6, 2005 Scotty and Scotty  (Denise and Scott Sprague)
Oct 6, 2005 Scotty's First Year (Denise and Scott Sprague)
Oct 6, 2005 I am a Mother (Denise and Scott Sprague)
Oct 5, 2005 As if Michelle didn't have enough to do (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Sep 30, 2005 Michelle's RTSC - Showcase Homes (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Sep 27, 2005 Michelle, Arts and Education Coordinator (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Sep 17, 2005 October officially arrives next Thursday (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Sep 17, 2005 Ellie Lives Here: My Best Friends that Summer (Adam and Sara Hills)
Sep 17, 2005 Ellie Lives Here: My First Summer of Fun (Adam and Sara Hills)
Sep 17, 2005 Ellie Lives Here: My First Steps (Adam and Sara Hills)
Sep 17, 2005 Ellie Lives Here: I went to Zia Leah's Bridal Shower (Adam and Sara Hills)
Sep 9, 2005 The First Day of School Pictures, 2005 (Lori and Rick Andresen)
Sep 1, 2005 Erica is Part of NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto and Beyond (Larkin Family)
Aug 15, 2005 So Long, Mark (My Colleagues)
Aug 14, 2005 We Remember Shane, by Brian Larkin, Daniel Larkin, Maureen Larkin Wright
Aug 14, 2005 I remember turkey avocado sandwiches by Tracy Larkin-Thomason (Larkin Family Memory)
Aug 14, 2005 What a Terrific Brother I Have by Maureen Larkin Wright (Larkin Family Memory)
Jul 26, 2005 Aunt Elizabeth Remembers her Grandmother's Potato Salad (Larkin Family Memory)
Jul 25, 2005 I Miss Dad's Hugs the Most (Larkin Family Memory)
Jul 18, 2005 My Little Princess  (Erica Nicolle Urbancik Birthday)
Jul 16, 2005 Ellie Turned Six and Seven Months Old (Ellie Lives Here)
Jul 11, 2005 A Much-Needed Lift: Carole-Anne in Newsday (John and Pat Vander-Putten)
Jul 10, 2005 An Evening with Erica at Wolf Trap (My Scrapbook)
Jul 6, 2005 Twilight is a very special time (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Jul 5, 2005 The Festival of Lights (Maureen Larkin Wright)
Jul 5, 2005 How our families found each other (Larkin Family Memory)
Jul 5, 2005 As I am wrapping presents, I think of your dad (Larkin Family Memory)
Jul 2, 2005 Erica Nicole Urbancik, Age 1 (Baby Watch)
Jul 2, 2005 Olivia Michelle Vander Putten, Age 1 (Baby Watch)
Jul 2, 2005 Victoria Nicole Vander Putten, Age 4 (Baby Watch)
Jun 13, 2005 I was a Delegate to the EU/NSF Conference in Brussels on Pre-University Level Science Education (Once Upon a Time...)
Jun 12, 2005 Michelle Receives National Community Action Award (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Jun 3, 2005 Scenes from Brussels - May 2005 (Special Times)
May 1, 2005 Rebuilding Together, Even in the Rain (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Apr 25, 2005 When I was Six Months Old (Ellie Lives Here)
Apr 24, 2005 Dan, Shane, RTSC on Channel-9 News (Video) Apr 05  (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Apr 23, 2005 My First Winter and My First Valentine's Day (Ellie Lives Here)
Mar 31, 2005 Michelle's RTSC is headline news (again) Mar 2005 (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Mar 11, 2005 Dan with the NYS Traffic and Criminal Software Team (TraCS) (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Mar 5, 2005 Erica was part of NASA'S Deep Impact Mission (Dan and Michelle Larkin)
Jan 14, 2005 Once upon a time I had dinner at La Chaumiere (My Scrapbook)
Jan 13, 2005 A Death in Our Family: Edward J. Smith (John and Pat Vander Putten)
Jan 9, 2005 VanderPutten Christmas Children 2004 (My VanderPutten Family)
Jan 4, 2005 Ellie's First Christmas (Ellie Lives Here)
Jan 4, 2005 Portrait of Erica, Autumn 2004 (Daniel and Michelle Larkin)
Jan 4, 2005 Daniel Larkin Family Portrait, Autumn 2004 (Daniel and Michelle Larkin)
Jan 3, 2005 Chapter II, Lori Builds a House (and Ron Goes Swimming)
Jan 3, 2005 My Christmas Holidays 2004 (Once Upon a Time)
Jan 1, 2005 How I spent New Year's Day, 2005 (Once Upon a Time)
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