Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten
Family Weddings, The Next Generations Part II


Mr. and Mrs. James Cole,
September 9, 1990



My Niece Tracy Elizabeth Larkin's Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. James Cole

Tracy Elizabeth Larkin and James Cole were married September 9, 1990. Pastor Val Andresen, father-in-law of the bride's sister, performed the ceremony.

The wedding took place at the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Coventry, RI, the tiny, one-room church that both the bride and groom attended as children.

The bride's sister Lori Larkin Andresen was Matron of Honor. The groom's brother Jon was the Best Man.

The groom's Aunt held a reception for about 80 guests at her historic farmhouse in Foster. The couple honeymooned at "an authentic haunted hotel in Prescott," hosted by the bride's brother Ron.

Most unusual event: Lori's "husband Rick broke his foot at her reception!"

Best gift: The bride's brother Steve "came once a week for almost a year and cooked supper!"


My Niece Lori Larkin's Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andresen

"Rick and I were married on Sunday, November 18, 1984. (I wasn't even old enough to drink at my own wedding). Rick's Dad performed the ceremony at the Friendship Baptist Church at 3:00pm. I can't remember the weather, so it must have been ok. We had about 200 guests and a nice reception at the Quonset Officers Club at Quonset Point. I was just looking at our wedding album last week. Gosh, we were so cute! (And young)" 

"The song my Dad and I danced to was Through the Years by Kenny Rogers. I remember he couldn't hear the words so when we were dancing he whispered in my ear, 'Sing the words to me.' He was crying."   

"We had a harpist at the church who played The First Time Ever I saw Your Face And the song Rick and I danced to was Blue SundayI think by the Doors. It actually is a love song."

"After our reception we invited a select few back to our apartment and had a private party. We left for Mexico two days later and were there for Thanksgiving."

"Fast forward 18 plus years and we are parents, boring, typical, broke, sometimes stressed, but happy and still very much in love."

-Lori Larkin Andresen, March 29, 2002


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andresen
November 18, 1984




Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Larkin
August 11, 1979


My Stepson Dan's Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brian Larkin

Daniel Brian Larkin and Michelle Ann Ganison were married on August 11, 1979 at the Beaver Lake Nature Conservatory in Liverpool, New York. 

Joy Rita was maid-of-honor. Jeff Ryan and Bruce Lyon were best men. Other members of the bridal party included Shannon Larkin, Tom Doer, Ruane Larkin, Kathi Larkin, Karen Ganison, Julie Ganison and Danny Smith.

It rained early in the morning and there was a good deal of concern because the wedding was outdoors. But the rain disappeared, the day brightened and the wedding took place almost on schedule at 11AM.  

The couple honeymooned in Boonville at the cabin of a friend.


My Nephew Michael A.  Larkin's Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Larkin

"Brenda [nee Gauvin -- pure French-Canadian] and I were married July 4th 1974, at the Church of Christ in Warwick, RI. I believe it was about noon. My cousin Gary Babcock performed the ceremony. My brother, Ron was my best man and Brenda's sister, Donna was her matron of honor (all in the family). It was the hottest day of the year!"

"We had a wonderful reception following the ceremony -- good food, dancing and lots of fun! Our honeymoon was spent in the Franconia Notch area of the  White Mountains of New Hampshire."

"I had just turned 20 and Brenda was only 17. We were only kids, but almost 28 years later, we are happier than ever."

-Michael A. Larkin, April 30, 2002



Mr. and Mrs.  Michael Alfred Larkin
July 4, 1974