Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten -  Family Weddings, Earlier Generations


Anna King VanderPutten

My Grandmother Anna (nee King) VanderPutten in her wedding gown

June 29, 1910 



John Richard VanderPutten and Dorthy Easson Wedding

My Parents

John (Richard) VanderPutten and Dorothy (Dorrie Easson) VanderPutten

December 2, 1939

Valley Stream, New York

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Mr. and Mrs. Robert VanderPutten

My Uncle Robert (Bobby) VanderPutten and Doris Zwirz were married in St. Anselm's Church, 4th.Ave., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on Saturday April 11th, 1953 at a noon time Nuptial Mass that was celebrated by Rev. Austin Bennett. 

A reception was held at the Towers Hotel with a sit-down dinner for 80 of their best friends.

"...good thing I trusted him...he did show up for the wedding..." (see Aunt Doris's charming recollection, The Wedding Tale of a Teenage Bride in The VanderPutten Family Memory)




Uncle Bert and Aunt Annette

The wedding of Uncle Bobbie and Aunt Doris VanderPutten

April 11, 1953

Aunt Annette was Maid of Honor
Uncle Bert was Best Man 

Other member of the bridal party were Bridesmaids Peggy Roberts and Barbara Bennett (priest's sister, with whom Aunt Doris grew up). Robert Zwirz (Aunt Doris' brother) was also in the wedding party.



Grandmother and Grandfather VanderPutten

At the Wedding of

Uncle Bobbie and Aunt Doris

April 11, 1953