Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Telling Tales Out of School

Telling Tales Out of School is a continuing series of humorous little incidents in the lives of the VanderPutten family.
How the "Fake Aunt Betty" was Born
By Jean VanderPutten Pollack 

Years ago, when nephews Rich and Mike were little kids, one day they were confused by the fact that they had an aunt named Betty and their aunt Jean had a good friend also named Betty. Once, one of the boys wanted to say something about my friend, and didn't know how to explain which Betty he was referring to. 

Finally, Peggy was getting frustrated, so she pleaded with him to be more specific. So he screwed up his face and said "I'm talking about 'the fat Aunt Betty!'" (my friend Betty is a bit rotund). Prudence dictated that we come up with a more politically correct moniker, so "The fake Aunt Betty" was born. 

April 5, 2002