Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Telling Tales Out of School

Telling Tales Out of School is a continuing series of humorous little incidents in the lives of the VanderPutten family.
My Sister Dawn at the Gas Station 
By Jill Vander Putten Bonner 
Lol. I can tell you a great one about Dawn and getting her gas pumped right after she got her first car. It still ranks right up there as one of the most embarrassing stories of my life. 

I was in the car with Dawn and she stopped at the Sunoco gas station around the corner from our house. We knew everybody from years of going there with dad. The man pumped her gas and then dawn started to drive off. However, instead of waiting for her free window washing, she decided to take a free gift of her own and almost drive off with the entire pump. The man wasn't finished yet, she thought he was and she started to drive off with the pump still in the gas tank!! 

Of course the tanks are in the ground, so her car jolted back as did we, and the guy ran up to us and yelled at her to stop. It was quite embarrassing, although very funny now. 

She swore me to secrecy for years not to tell Mom and dad, in fear they wouldn't let her drive. I think she only had the car for about a month when that happened. Hopefully she has gotten better.

And I don't think I went to that gas station for quite sometime.

April 5, 2002