Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Humor

One of the things I've always admired about my brother Dick is his sense of humor, which as you see here extends to himself.
Tripping the Light Fantastic

By Dick VanderPutten

Once, when hard at work adding to the house, I left a tool box in the hall. Mom [Peggy] said to put it away so nobody got hurt. "Donít worry dear," said I, "I will take care of it in the morning."

Naturally, that night while answering a call of nature, I stubbed my toe on the harmless box. Mom hasnít stopped laughing yet.

Richard R. Vander Putten
May 21, 2001

" I still laugh hearing about that story!"

Dorothy (VanderPutten) Urbancik (daughter)
May 21, 2001

"I never seem to see Toni laugh as hard as when she sees me fall or stub my toe."

Michael Vander Putten (son)
May 21, 2001