Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Grandfather VanderPutten

My cousin Tommie, three days before Christmas, remembers our grandfather Peter (Pieter) VanderPutten and comments on how he would have taken to CyberPutten, an email format.
Remembering Pappy
By Thomas J. VanderPutten 
Boy if he were alive today! Besides being over 115 years old, he'd love this Cyberputten environment. I remember as he was getting too old and his hand to shaky to write, he would type. I got letters while in the Air Force that he typed out. If you youngsters think the wit is sharp here, we know where it come from. 


Annette came home from a Spanish lesson one night and said to Pappy, "Como esta ustad?", to which Pappy replied, "I didn't even know he was sick!".

Back in 1936 'ish, my mom (Aunt Ruth) walked up to a house on Salem Road at Lake Carmel performing a church census and asked a white haired gent if any Catholics lived there. He replied with a twinkle in his eye, "Only on Sunday."

Imagine him on the web now! Then again, isn't he! I hear him all day. Pappy is alive and witty as ever and his puns are as sharp as they were a hundred years ago as he was translating them from Dutch into English.

Thomas J. VanderPutten
December 22, 2000