Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Mrs. G.

Mrs. G -- A Remarkable Woman
by John Richard VanderPutten


It was [Uncle] Robbie's suggestion to ask Mrs. G. to work for us. She was a remarkable woman. She had raised a large family including I think some grand children. In her spare time she had been very active in the Girl Scouts, including the executive end. She quickly agreed to take over at a rate I could afford. 

I think we made a good team. She knew how to handle kids -- including all the gang that hung out on our porch.  Because of her I think we maintained a normal family life. It helped that during the early years I had a 9 to 5 job in Manhattan. Later I worked for a year in Missouri. I could never be grateful enough for her help.

Yes she ironed everything -- handkerchiefs, underwear, shirts. If you four are what you are today (perfect of course) I can thank Mrs. G. 


John Richard VanderPutten
March 23, 2001