Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Mrs. G.

After mom died, Mrs. G. (Grieshaber) came to look after us. She became a kind of second mother for all of us and especially for Jean.

Mrs. G. -- check under "Care"

By Dick

Mrs. G . . . 

Look up "Care" in the dictionary, and you will see her picture. More than anyone else I recall from those horrible times, she did the most to keep us a family. She would not let negativity or pity in; it was not welcome. 

She learned every detail about our lives, and did whatever she could to keep each detail in place. "Do your homework, eat your dinner, clean your room" seem so trivial, but they keep everyone focused, and just try to imagine life without them. 

She learned many of mom's recipes, even if as trite as "tuna casserole" or my personal favorite, beef pot pie, which was all the leftovers from Sunday's pot roast, with a thick Bisquick crust. 

My bedroom was the only one on the first floor, and I had a slight tendency towards disarray (read: Train Wreck). She would not go in that room on a dare! If I supplied the dirty sheets for her, I would find a clean set on the chair next to the door, neatly folded. I soon learned how to make a bed. There was never a question in my mind as to who would be introduced with my father at our wedding.

March 1, 2001
Richard VanderPutten