Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Mrs. G.

After mom died, Mrs. G. (Grieshaber) came to look after us. She became a kind of second mother for all of us and especially for Jean.
I Remember Mrs. G.
By Elizabeth Vanderputten

Mrs. Grieshaber was too long a name for us to use, so we shortened it to Mrs. G.  I remember us saying (with humor and affection) such things as, "Nag, nag, nag," when she would say something like, "Betty Anne, if you will bring your clothes down, I will wash them for you, and iron and mend them and put them away."

The only thing she wouldn't do for us was to cook our family recipe for meatloaf with lots of tomato sauce. She said it looked like dog food! (But her stew was almost as good as the State Fair Stew.)

Mrs. G. was so much a part of our family that she is included with our grandmothers in both Dick and John's family wedding pictures.

February 19, 2001