Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - The VanderPutten Family Memory

"Do you remember the time that uncle  . . ?" Like most families, mine has its own traditions and lore. My cousin Tommy may ask, "Do you remember the time that ...?" My sister Jean will say to an outsider, "Well, in our family we do it like this ..." Aunt Annette will explain, "It's an old VanderPutten tradition, dearie, that goes back to your grandfather . . ."

Insiders know these tales and family ways. These shared stories and myths -- these family memories -- help define the family. They are the glue that binds the family together through the generations. 

On the following pages is the beginning of a continuing compilation of tales that are part of The VanderPutten Family Memory.

A Red Bow Tie and Cummerbund 
by Lorie Loken, March 15,2010
John's and Jean's Birthday was a Holiday from School
By Elizabeth Zapp, February 20, 2006
Memories of Christmas Past 
by Laurie Loken, December 7, 2004
A Tribute to Aunt Annette
by JR VanderPutten, Barbara Vander Putten, Laurie Loken, Thomas Vander Putten, Dorothy VanderPutten Urbancik, Jill Vander Putten Boner. Jean VanderPutten Pollack,  Elizabeth VanderPutten, Vicki Vander Putten, Brian James Larkin, February 19, 2004
One Summer Day When We Were Children
by Elizabeth Zapp, Nov 2003
I Remember Walking Everywhere
by JR VanderPutten, May 2002
Tripping the Light Fantastic
by Richard R. Vander Putten, May 2002
Jean Attacked by Mad Recliner
by Jean VanderPutten Pollack, April 2002
How the "Fake Aunt Betty" was Born
by Jean VanderPutten Pollack, April 2002
Brother Dick, Space Ranger Wannabe
by Elizabeth VanderPutten, July. 2001
A Case of VanderPutten Humor
A Compilation of VanderPutten Wit May 29,2001
Mrs. G. was a Remarkable Woman
By JR VanderPutten, Mar 2001
I Remember Mrs. G.  
by Elizabeth VanderPutten, Feb 19, 2001
Grandma Van & My Missing PJ's  
by Elizabeth Zapp, Jan. 2001
Gary as a Teenager  
by Jean Pollack, Jan. 2001
Jan Dirk [John Richard] Vander Putten  
by JR VanderPutten, Jan. 2001
VanderPutten Turkey Stuffing  
by Dick VanderPutten, Dec. 2000
Remembering Pappy 
by Thomas J. VanderPutten, Dec. 2000
Uncle Bert
The New York Times, Nov 12, 1999
Angle of Repose 
By Pat Moore, May 17, 2006
A Death in Our Family, Edward Smith, Jan 8, 2005
Jill Vander Putten Bonner, JR VanderPutten, Pat Vander Putten, Jill Bonner, Dawn Soriano
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church at Lake Carmel
by JR VanderPutten, Elizabeth VanderPutten, Thomas Vander Putten and Jean VanderPutten Pollack, Aug 2002
When Johnny Came Marching Home
by Jill Bonner, Richard VanderPutten & Jean Pollack, June 2002
We Remembers WW II
by Dick, Tom and Elizabeth VanderPutten, 6/5/01
Uncle Robbie "was a big influence in my life..."
by Dan Fodor, Apr 25, 2004
Uncle Robbie: A Tribute
by Dick, Tom and Jean, June 5, 2001, and Elizabeth Zapp, April 30, 2004
A Letter my Mother wrote to Uncle Robbie at the end of WWII
by Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten, April 6, 2004
The House at 79 Surry Commons
by Jean, Dick, Elizabeth & JR 5/30/2001
My Sister Dawn at the Gas Station
Jill Vander Putten Bonner, April 2002
How Peggy and I got Engaged
by Dick VanderPutten, April 2001
For "Mrs. G." check under "Care"  
by Dick VanderPutten, Mar 1, 2001
Remembering Mrs. G.  
by Jean (VanderPutten) Pollack, 2/20/01
Grandpa VanderPutten  
by Jean VanderPutten Pollack, Jan. 2001
"Don't Slam That Door," Yelled Grandpa 
by Elizabeth VanderPutten, Jan 2001
Grandpa Van's Humor 
by Jean VanderPutten Pollack, 12/22/00
The Tale of a Teen Age Bride 
by Doris Z. VanderPutten, Jan. 2000
Grandma Easson's Desserts  
by Elizabeth VanderPutten, Dec. 2000
NY State Fair Stew   
by Dick VanderPutten, Dec. 2000