Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Grandmother VanderPutten

My sister Jean's childhood friend Elizabeth Zapp recalls grandma Van at the lake in Carmel during a summer vacation in 1961.
Remembering Grandma Van
By Elizabeth Zapp
Of course I remember Carmel! What a great time we had. I think I appreciated the freedom we had more than anything. And you're right about Grandpa Van giving us all kinds of "space" when we were there!

One funny thing I always remember is Grandma straightening up our room the first day and hanging my pajamas on a hanger. When it came time to get ready for bed I was sure that someone had stolen them ..... I mean my pjs never saw a hanger before, I always put them under the pillow. Who would think of looking in the closet .....

I also remember very clearly walking to the lake to go swimming. Oh and most of all the Scrabble games! Are you sure Grandma Van didn't cheat? I never heard of those words ... hee hee I guess teachers are smarter than most of us .....

January 10, 2001