Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Dad on Walking and Cowboys

I like walking. When I lived in Manhattan, I walked everywhere except to work which was a 20 mile drive. For the past 25 years here in D.C., I walk everywhere, including to work, which is now 4.5 miles. Brian, who is an "avid exponent of non-exertion," asked dad the other day, " Is she the only one in your family with this madness or is it in her genes and we should blame it all on you?" - Elizabeth
by John Richard VanderPutten


As I look back I remember walking everywhere. We had no car nor did our friends. Sunday afternoon was for walking. Along the shore, Prospect Park, Coney Island, Staten Island.

Later when our friends from Torrington -- our "home town" -- drove down on visit, they were amazed at how much we walked in our every day life. Already they had adopted the car as the normal mean of mobility, like a cowboy and his horse.

John Richard VanderPutten
May 13, 2002