Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Grandma Easson's Turkey Stuffing

Why VanderPutten Turkeys are Stuffed with Hot Sausage

by Dick VanderPutten

Using hot sausage in stuffing goes back to when our German Grandma Easson was the official Turkey Holiday Chef. She always bought her sausage at a butcher shop where the butcher personally picked out some nice German sausage for her. About 1950, when self-service supermarkets started, Grandma saw some Italian sausage which looked good to her, and bought it, proud of her adventures into this new technology. She then proceeded to prepare and cook the stuffing for the Christmas bird on Christmas Eve, which all the Catholic relics will recall was a day of abstinence (NO MEAT, like Fridays, in the Old Church). So it was cooked without any illegal tasting, good RC's that we were, and served on Christmas Day to an unsuspecting family. I recall that it was delicious, although HOT!!!. 

My recollection is that only us kids enjoyed it, while the older folks tried to keep peace with Grandma. I have never had an opportunity to try to duplicate the feat, having married some Irish Taste Buds (You know, 6-pack and a boiled potato, etc), but it remains a great family story, right up there with the State Fair Stew.

Richard VanderPutten
December 4, 2000