Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Gary VanderPutten

My sister Jean remembers cousin Gary as a teenager during a summer vacation with our grandmother and grandfather Peter VanderPutten at the cottage at Lake Carmel.
Remembering Gary VanderPutten as a Teenager
By Jean Pollack 
As teenagers, my friend Liz Zapp, cousin Gary, my twin brother John and I once spent some time with my grandparents at their summer home in Carmel, NY. One of the highlights of this visit that I still remember 40 years later was the nightly concert of "armpit" farts given by Gary. 

You must be 15 years old or less to enjoy this sort of thing and we thought it was the funniest sound in the world. We would laugh until we couldn't laugh anymore, the girls in one darkened room and the boys in another. And just when Gary had given his solemn word that he would stop so that we could get some sleep, he would wait a proper amount of time and then let out the longest, loudest and funniest fart of the entire evening. I remember this as if it were yesterday and it is the very reason I have always said that Gary is my favorite cousin. 

Jean VanderPutten
January 8, 2001