Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Grandmother Easson's Desserts

Lessons Learned from Grandmother Easson's Desserts

By Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten

For those of you who didn't know our Grandmother Easson, she was a pretty good cook but her desserts often were "interesting." One thing we learned early was not to tell her they were good. We used to love date and nut loaf when we got it once a year from an Aunt. Then grandma started to make it and make it and make it. We could not eat it fast enough. It molded in the cupboard.

Finally she switched to orange cake. Now, unlike the date and nut load, we never really liked it -- and it went bad more quickly. That did not stop her. Once a week; twice a week; the cakes kept coming. Whole cakes were spirited out of the house when she left. We did not want to hurt her feelings -- but we did not want to eat one more piece.

Imagine the stories the younger ones on this list will tell about us

December 14, 2000