Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - We Remember WW II

My brother Dick, my Cousin Tommy, and I each remembers the end of WW II for different reasons.
The Day I Had my Tonsils Out Was D-Day

By Dick VanderPutten

While we are preparing our best wishes for Betty on Friday, June 8, I just want to steal the spotlight and remind all that tomorrow, June 6, is the 57th anniversary of the removal of my tonsils. It must have been a big day. There were flags flying and people were running up and down the street hugging each other. I remember it well because I was ticked that nobody was paying any attention to ME ! with my really sore throat. They were all yelling about an invasion or whatever. I guess that's the price for being a part of history.

Seriously, although the above is true, here's a thanks to The Greatest Generation for laying it on the line for us in the 40's.

Richard R. Vander Putten
May 5, 2001

I Remember WW II Too

By Thomas VanderPutten

My dad was drafted Nov 1944, with two kids and while he was working for AA in troop transport. Not a very good break. Brother Richard and brother-in-law Ray Gomez helped supplement Dad's whopping $19 a month as a private. 

When V-E Day hit (thank you Dickey) he was sent home. I didn't recognize him when he got home, six months is a long time for a almost two year old. I tugged tight to my mom's skirt. To relieve my fears of this guy in a uniform, she suggested to my dad to get down on all fours to play horsey. As soon as he got down I jumped on his back crying "Daddy!"

Thomas Vander Putten
May 5, 2001

I Remember V-J Day

By Elizabeth VanderPutten

My earliest memory was of being wheeled up the street in New York City on V-J Day, August 14, 1945 and people all around yelling and laughing. The emotional content of that day and place will be with me always.

I also remember Uncle Robby coming home in his uniform. We "almost" believed him when he said that his job during the war was catching bombs.

Betty VanderPutten
May 5, 2001