Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - A Tribute to Uncle Robbie

This unexpected note from a stranger is one of the rewards for maintaining this site. 
-Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten

To whom it may concern:  

I just stumbled across the Vander Putten website (very nice indeed) and saw the wonderful tribute to Uncle Robbie

Bob was a big influence in my life also, and was probably more responsible for my continuing on in electronics than anyone I could ever imagine. When I was just a kid, he used to take me up to his office at Times Facsimile* on West 59th. St. and would let me play with the test equipment. My best regards to the Vander Putten family and if Bob is around, please give him a big hug for me.  


Dan Fodor
Sun, 25 Apr 2004

*The New York Times was a leader in facsimile technology from 1922 until it sold Times Facsimile to Litton Industries in 1959. - EVP