Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Interfamily Gatherings

Lupus Walk 2001 - Team VIVP

October 21, 2001

Here is a picture of Team VIVP at the Lupus walk on Sunday, October 21, 2001. In order from left to right we have: Uncle Dick, Paula Diamond {my mother in law from my first marriage}, Jodi Biggs {My sister in law from my first marriage}, Aunt Peggy, Carole-Anne, Dorothy, and Aunt Jean. In the back row is Phil Diamond {My father in law from my first marriage, Daddy {John}, Me, and my friend Carrie, and the extremely tall boy in the back is my brother in law Brendan.

Text by Jill Bonner

Photo by Rich VanderPutten

Women of the Corn 1998

Columbus day

(Top left) Frannie Canaric (niece Tanya's mom), niece Dorothy, niece Meg, Mary Cole (nephew Tom's wife), Arlene Anderson (Meg's mom) 

(Bottom left)  Lori (Tanya's friend), niece Tanya and sister-in-law Peggy. 

Christmas 1992

(Left) Uncle Bert, Dad, Uncle Bobbie and Aunt Annette.

A Family Portrait 1982

The photo below was taken at Aunt Annette's apartment in Brooklyn on January 2, 1982. Cousin Laurie and her husband Paul were in town and Aunt Annette invited the family. Members of dad's family, Uncle Bert's family and Uncle Bobbie's family plus Aunt Annette were there. Many of these family members are part of today's Cyberputtens.

Photo and text courtesy of Jean VanderPutten Pollack

[Back row left-right:] uncle Bert, cousin Peter, aunt Annette, Joan (cousin Tom's wife), cousin Laurie, Bob Pollack (Jean's husband), brother John, Dad, cousin Tom; [middle row:] sister Jean, Peggy (brother Dick's wife), Pat (brother John's wife), aunt Ruth, Paul Loken (cousin Laurie's husband), nephew Rich (brother Dick's son); [other middle row:] Michael (cousin Tom's son), Christine (cousin Tom's daughter), niece Jill (brother John's daughter), niece Dawn (brother John's daughter), nephew Michael (brother Dick's son), brother Dick; [front row:] Bryan (cousin Tom's son), Joy (cousin Tom's daughter), Victoria (cousin Tom's daughter), niece Dorothy. (brother Dick's daughter)

My Grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, June 10, 1960

"The young boy on the left is cousin Jimmy (9), Elizabeth (17), John & Jean (14) and Gary (13). I remember liking the dress I wore."

"I believe the top hat belonged to grandpa. The party was held at the Van's Bayridge apartment. I remember that there were so many people there that the party spilled out into the hallway."

Jean VanderPutten Pollack