Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten

National Task Forces, Panels and Committees

Task Forces and Advisory Panels

CAREER Coordinating Committee:  Chair, 2003- 2007, member 1998 to the present.  During my term as chair we rewrote the solicitation for this NSF wide, highly visible program, designed and implemented an evaluation, conducted an NSF-wide COV, revised the solicitation and managed two PECASE award ceremonies.    

ADVANCE:  Appointed by the NSF Deputy Director to the design and implementation committees for this program. Participated in the writing of the original solicitation and selection of awards

NSF Child Development Center:  Served on the committee that planned this center and served on the review committee for the first contract.

NSFs Directors Task Force on Cross-Program management: Represented the Division of Information Systems on this task force which recommended a suite of changes including the requirement for a management plan in all solicitations.

NSF Directors Task Force on Cross Directorate Activities, 1992

National Task Force on Standards For Educational Data Collection, 1991

Chair, Mission Systems Advisory Committee, 1990

Staff Director, Secretary of Education's National Task Force on Educational Technology, 1984-86 

Member, Committee to redesign the Elementary and Secondary Education Data Collection Activities for the National Center for Educational Statistics, 1986

NIE Representative to the Interdepartmental Task Force on Museum/School Collaboration, 1980

NIE Representative to the Condition of Education Advisory Committee and backup to the NIE Director on the National Council on Educational Statistics, 1980

Assistant Director, Vice President Mondale's Task Force Conference on Youth Employment, 1979

RFP and Grant Panels

NSF/DAS 1992 Mail list management panel.

NSF/SRS 1992 Federal Funds Research panel

NSF/EHR 1992 Grant proposal for international survey of computer education 

NSF/STI 1991 Computer support panel

NSF/DIS 1990 Systems development panel.

DOD/ARI 1987 SBIR Panel on Basic Research Proposals

USED/OS 1985 School District Allocation of Chapter 1 Resources

USED/NIE 1985 National Survey Chapter 1 Schools (NIE-850009)

USED/NIE 1985 Data Analysis and Technical Support for Chapter 1 Evaluation (NIE85-0008)

USED 1984 ERIC Processing

USED/NIE 1982 Cognitive Demands and Consequences of Computer Learning (NIE82-00015)

USED/NIE 1982 Chair, Federal and State Programs for Special Needs Students (NIE-810011)

USED/NIE 1981 Chair, Cumulative Effects of Federal and State Education Programs on Local Schools (NIE81-0004)

USED/NIE 1980 Special Education Finance: A Handbook for State Policy Makers (NIER80-0011)