Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten


Published Research and Articles

Dissertation: Toward a Theory of Loosely Coupled Systems: The Implementation of Federal Youth Employment Policies. The GeorgeWashington University, 1983. 

(With Brian Larkin) The status of Pre-College Social Studies Education: What is Taught? How Well? What Should be Taught? National Academy of Education, 1983.

Editor (With C. Phillip Kearney) Grants Consolidation: A New Balance in Federal Aid to Education. Washington, DC, The George Washington University, 1979. 

"Applying a Vision of Reality to School Settings: A Critique and Response to Carl Rogers," Science and Society: Knowing, Teaching, Learning. Washington, D.C. National Council for the Social Studies, 1978. 

"The Needs of Pre-College Economics Education: A Teacher's View," Perspectives on Economic Education. Donald Wentworth and Lee Hanson, Editors. Joint Council on Economic Education, New York, 1977.

Government Publications (primary or contributing author) 

(Lead Author) Math and Science Partnership: Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance (MSP RETA) Program Solicitation NSF 03-541, February 2003.

Teaching and Learning Research Programme, London, 2001

NCES, Educational Data Collection Standards. National Center for Educational Statistics, 1991. 

(With Margaret Windus and Constance McClendon), Information Systems Survey, National Science Foundation, 1990. 

(With Andy Conversano) NSF 2000 A Joint Venture by the Office of Information Systems and the Division of Personnel and Management , National Science Foundation, October 1989.

NCES, Standards and Policies. Center for Educational Statistics, March, 1987. 

National Task Force on Educational Technology, Transforming American Education: Reducing the Risk to the Nation (Washington: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, 1986).

(With Douglas A. Wright) Fast Response Survey: School District Perceptions of Federal Competitive Education Programs. Early Release. 1981.

(With Douglas A. Wright) School District Perceptions of Federal Competitive Education Programs. FRSS Report No 13. 1981.

Policy and Project Reports 

The Status of Social Studies Education at the U.S. Senate Page School, A report prepared for Cresap and McCormack, 1984. 

Workplaces and Classrooms: A report of the Vice-President's Task Force on Youth Unemployment, Washington, 1979. 

(With Brian Larkin) The Condition of Education in Indonesia, IMTEC, Oslo Norway, 1978. 

Eleven reports on Policy issues discussed at the Educational Staff Seminars, The Institute for Educational Leadership, 1978-1979. 

Technical Publications 

Central Systems Users' Guide. Division of Information Systems, National Science Foundation, February 1994.