Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Thanksgiving Children and Dad, 2004

Dad at Dick and Peggy's

Considering all the children below, it's no wonder that dad looks pleased though a bit tired.

And these are just a few of his posterity.

It was a  good Thanksgiving.


The Children's Table

John serves Anthony desert while Victoria starts to work on hers and Kyler watches intently from across the table. 

It's hard to tell what Anthony (with back to camera) is doing.

Beaming "Mother Meg" aka Plato holding niece Olivia

Kyler and Cousin Erica

Don't the two of them look content!

Patient Anthony 

Anthony looks patiently at the camera as adults converse in the background

Victoria snuggles up to Kyler as their picture is about to be taken

Matthew ponders the deeper meaning of dessert