Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten 


Employment Summary

1998 - Program Director, NSF Education and Human Resources Directorate

1992- 1998 Branch Chief, NSF Division of Administrative Services, responsible for supervising three sections on travel and conference services, the library and procurement.

1987 - 1992 Branch Chief, NSF Division of Information Systems, responsible for supervising the User Services Branch which includes the DIS Helpdesk and other user services.

1986 - 1987 Special Assistant to Director, Division of Information Systems, primarily responsible for budget and personnel actions.

1980 - 1986 Program Officer, National Institute of Education, Department of Education.

1978 - 1980 Vice President, Washington Educational Development Corporation

1965 - 1977 Adjunct professor for teacher education; director, alternative school within a school; high school social studies teacher.

Professional Development

Embassy Fellowship, 2005: Selected to participate in the NSF Embassy Fellowship program at the U. S. Embassy in Berlin Germany. Prepared a report on Germany's science research and education policies that support innovation.

Federal Executive Institute, 2001: Selected for this four week executive development program.

National Leadership Institute, 1995: Leadership development program at the University of Maryland..

National Science Foundation  

Social Scientist. Position: Program Director, REPP/EHR; Division REC/DUE/MSP/OAD; May 15, 1998 to Present.

Program Director in several programs including Research on Learning and Education (ROLE), Research and Evaluation on Science and Engineering Education (REESE), Math Science Partnerships, and the Advanced Learning Technology Program. Lead program Director for the first year of REESE in 2006. Participated in cross-Directorate activities including chairing the CAREER coordinating Committee, member of the ADVANCE and DR K-12 committee. Temporarily assigned in 2005 to the U.S. Embassy in Berlin as an Embassy Fellow. Conducted an assessment of higher education policy in Germany with a particular emphasis on innovation. This involved broad travel to interview university presidents, government ministers, and private research organization leaders.

"The incumbent serves as Program Director for Research in the Directorate for Education and Human Resources, and as a Program Officer for the Research on Education, Policy, and Practice (REPP) Program in the Division of Research, Evaluation and Communication of the Directorate. The Division houses the EHR Directorate's research programs and its technology research and development efforts and is the focal point for EHR participation in the three components of the Knowledge and Distributed Systems (KDI) NSF-wide Initiative (Learning and Intelligent Systems, Knowledge networking, and New Challenges in Computation). The incumbent provides leadership and coordination for the group of EHR Program Officers with responsibilities related to the development, growth and integration of research related to education within the Directorate and within the Foundation." (Complete Official Position Description)

Highlight of NSF Program Director position

Cluster Lead, Discovery Research K-12 Program (2010 – present, PD from 2006).  This $120 million program supports research and development of resources, models and technologies for pre-K through high school students and their teachers.  Responsible for coordinating the work of 14 Program officers and four technical staff, writing the solicitation, representing the program at national meetings, designing the program evaluation, approving the panels for the 550 proposals.  I read and approve all award recommendations.  Despite a 20% increase in proposals over last year, we completed 86% of our actions within six month. As a member of the Division’s Senior Leadership Team, I participate in all major division decisions.

Lead Program Director, Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching (PAEMST):  Administered by NSF for the White House, this program gives the nation’s highest award for teachers. The awardees meet the President, receive a $10,000 award and participate in meetings with high level executive and legislative officials.  During my time as Lead, I revised the application including the criteria for selection, the review and award recommendation process in consultation with the White House and leading scientists, educators and teachers.  Recognizing the constraints of a flat budget, we substantially reduced the cost of several aspects of the program including the awards week and the support contract.

Lead Program Director: Research, Evaluation and Technical Assistance component of the Math and Science Partnership Program (2002- present). This innovative program supported the development of assessment instruments, research models and evaluative strategies that would help the large implementation project.  Also serve as program director for large Targeted and Institute projects that bring together university, community college and K-12 school systems to enhance teacher quality and student learning.  

Program Director, Division of Research, Evaluation and Communication, Research on Learning and Education program (1998 – 2006).  Primarily responsible for research on k-12 teaching and learning, particularly those involved with technology.  Served as Co-director of the Third International Study of Mathematics and Science-Repeat - TIMSS-R

Co-lead, Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) program (2002-2007): This program officer initiated activity aimed at enhancing both computer science and learning theory.   .  This was jointly managed by the two Directorates.  

EPSCoR Reverse Site panel member, (2008, 2009, 2010):  At the request of the EPSCoR Director, served as the NSF education specialist on the large the reverse site visits for the large State awards.    

Education program officer for the Science and Technology Center at Michigan State University.

Chief, Systems and Services Branch, Division of Administrative Services, 2/1/94 - 6/15/98

Responsible for managing three sections, 16 staff and a budget of $700,000. Implemented a broad array of technological services including the NSF Intranet, Video teleconferencing, NSF Broadband system, satellite down linking and various sound and projection systems. Enhanced the library, particularly the provision of electronic services and databases. Planned and managed the NSF Exhibit Center, including developing the Digital Library Exhibit in cooperation with CISE, DARPA and CNRI. Also supervise Procurement, Meeting and Travel Services and the Information Desk.

Chief, Customer Service Branch, Division of Information Systems 3/12/89 - 2/1/94

Five years managing computer user support and training to NSF staff in as section head and then as branch Chief. Services included developing formal and informal training programs, managing the DIS Helpdesk which provides the full range of user services for NSF's computer infrastructure, conducting acceptance testing for all new systems and serving as liaison to the Directorate of MPS in the design of new systems. Developed the first comprehensive user-training guide for DIS, expanded training. During a part time detail, helped set up the White House PC network and provided training to the staff. Served on the NSF Director's Special Topics Task Force on Cross-Disciplinary Activities.

Special Assistant to the Director, Division of Information Systems 1/4/88 - 3/12/89

Responsible for budget analysis and preparation, development and implementation of staffing plans, and writing policy reports. Provided staff work for the NSF Task Force on Special Programs for Career Advancement Programs for Women.

NSF Committees

CAREER Coordinating Committee:  Chair, 2003- 2007, member 1998 to the present.  During my term as chair we rewrote the solicitation for this NSF wide, highly visible program, designed and implemented an evaluation, conducted an NSF-wide COV, revised the solicitation and managed two PECASE award ceremonies.    

ADVANCE:  Appointed by the NSF Deputy Director to the design and implementation committees for this program. Participated in the writing of the original solicitation and selection of awards

NSF Child Development Center:  Served on the committee that planned this center and served on the review committee for the first contract.

NSF’s Director’s Task Force on Cross-Program management: Represented the Division of Information Systems on this task force which recommended a suite of changes including the requirement for a management plan in all solicitations.

National Institute of Education

Senior Associate, Office of the Director, National Institute of Education and the National Center for Educational Statistics. 1986-1987 Supervisor: Emerson Elliot

  • Developed the MIS (management information system) for NIE. This was the first online computer system for proposal and award tracking in the Department of Education. 

  • Introduced the first PCs into the Institute.

Project Director, Secretary Bell's Task Force on Education and Technology, 1984-1986.

The Secretary appointed leaders from the computer industry, higher education and secondary education to examine and make recommendations on the appropriate use of the growing technology infrastructure. As Project Director, I was responsible reviewing and synthesizing the related literature, planning four national conferences, drafting the report and producing final set of recommendations. Among the significant recommendations were that educators must learn to use technology to provide new ways of learning, to emphasize higher cognitive studies and to provide greater access to quality education for all students.

Program Director of Research for Federal Programs for a Congressional Study of School Finance. 1982-1983

This multi-million dollar studied focused on the implementation of Federal and State educational programs, their interactions and their effects on local district operations. Responsible for writing the study plan, developing several RFPS for research, writing final report and presenting the results at various national meetings.

Associate, Office of Planning in the office of the Director, National Institute of Education. 1980-1982

Responsible for working with programs in developing short and long term research grants. Served as speechwriter for the Deputy Director.

Washington Educational Development Corporation, 1977 - 1980

Vice President for Education Research. Worked on projects of national and international significance. Projects included the development and publication of the Statistical Standards and Policies for the National Center for Educational Statistics. Under a grant from the World Bank, trained social science professors in Indonesia on inquiry teaching. Assistant Director of Vice President Mondale's National Conference on Youth Employment. Conference was designed to provide a national forum for the discussion of the new Comprehensive Employment and Training Act. I was responsible for ensuring the participation of the nation’s educational leadership in the conference. Coordinated with the White House Domestic Policy Staff. Over 2,000 persons attended the conference. Helped write the final report for the Vice President. Wrote and edited papers on educational issues for the Institute for Educational Leadership. Co-edited on a book on Grants Consolidation:  A New Balance in Federal Education Policy. Developed an energy education toolkit for the National Science Teachers Association.

Adjunct Appointments and Other Teaching, 1965 - 1980

Various adjunct appointments teaching Social Science methods to High School teachers, including an adjunct professor appointment to the University of Minnesota, Morris for an NSF sponsored summer institute on social science methods. Item Test Writer for the New York State Regents examinations. Taught junior and senior high school in New York State (1965-1977). Participated in the field-testing of several NSF sponsored programs including Exploring Human Nature (the senior high school counterpart of Man, A Course of Study) and Economics in Society. Director of an alternative "School within a School."