Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten --  I once had dinner at the Front Page

The Front Page Restaurant Bar and Grill

This has been a favorite hangout for us for the last 20 years. Three or four times a week, we meet for a drink after work or for dinner. This year, I have German class on Monday night, so we eat out on Tuesday. Other years, we ate her on Monday nights or Wednesdays. But never Thursday -- that's bar crawl night.

We are "regulars" here. We know everyone. We know where they are in school (Alex, for example, turned in his thesis last night and graduates from GW next weekend.). We have become the honorary grandparents to most of the staff.

May 8, 2007

May 8, 2007

A Hugely Popular Place

The Front Page is a hugely popular place in our neighborhood. It is always packed at lunch and almost always at dinner. When we arrived the other night, every table was taken except one, which had only one chair left.

Probably every friend and family member who has visited us has eaten at the Front Page. My brother Dick and his wife Peggy along with my godson Michael and his family celebrate New Years morning here with us. Peggy loves the Belgian waffles. It is probably fair to say that no other restaurant in the world has hosted so many of our friends and family. 

With me is our hostess Caitlin or Precious, as she is usually called (she says her grandfather calls her "Ornery"). She has just stolen a chair from another table for us.