Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Scrapbook

Once upon a Time . . . 


I had breakfast in bed
I went to the DC Christmas Zoo Lights show with Mike and Toni 2010
I spoke at the Congr. Black Caucus 9/09
I went to the H St Festival with Olivia 9/09
I went to Victoria's 1st Communion 5/2/09
I saw a field of tulips April 2009
I voted for history 11/04/2008
I hiked Stony Man Trail July 2008
I saw the cherry blossoms Mar 2008
I sailed around Cape Horn, Nov 2007
I attended a reception for Dr. Annette Schavan, June 2007
I had a book club meeting, Jan 2007
I learned basket weaving, June 2006
I visited Graceland Feb 2006
I Climbed the Dresden Frauenkirche
I visited my old house, Aug 7, 2005
I dined with friends at La Chaumier2 2005
I went to the '9th on the 9th' at Wolf Trap
I went hiking in the clouds with Jean
I got my first car -- a Buick convertible
I did Washington with Shane
I toured Colorado
I visited Yellowstone National Park
I spent July 4th with family in the country
I attended a Father-Daughter Performance
I toured Puerto Rico that tourist don't see
I spent Christmas with my grandchildren
I visited Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
I went to a Larkin family picnic
I vacationed in the Blue Ridge Mountains
I watched a Moment in History
I visited Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill Home
I watch Ruane & Rory do a gig
I raced for the Cure
I attended a reception for John Doolittle
I got 3 presents from my excellent grandson
I spent New Year's Eve at Longwood
I was part of TIMSS-R
I watched the sun rise at Cancun
I toured George Washington's Birth Place
I visited my grandson in Albuquerque
I worked for the U.S. Vice President
I got a painting from Jose Luis Jimenez 
I had a wedding cake from Jeanne Hills
I clambered up Old Rag Mountain
I climbed the pyramids at Chitzen Iza
I visited the last "speakeasy" in MD
I climbed to the top of Cadillac Mt.
I co-founded NSF's Art of Science Project
I got a hug from my grandson Connor
I worked at Yellowstone National Park
I watched the fireworks at the Mall
I studied Spanish in Cuernavaca
I was juror #836611
I graduated from Sacred Heart Academy
I was a 90-Day Wonder
I celebrated an anniversary
I went to a concert in Orlando
I had dinner at House of Hunan
I heard my staff say, "Don't Go"
Erica said "Ask Grandma"
I spent a summer at Lake Carmel
I attended an Emerson String Quartet Concert 
I hiked the Shenandoahs
I went "crabbing" with Nancy Jane
I had a birthday with Nancy Jane
I photographed Monte Alban
I got a Christmas card from Erica
I went Star Gazing with Jean
I was a little girl
I got a Christmas card from Erica


I attended my 50th HS Class Reunion
I went sailing in a tall ship 2011
I invited Jim Dietze for Thanksgiving 2009
I visited Barbara in Maine 09/2009
I reuned with Alan, Margaret & Maureen
I had dinner with Barbara Richardson 2009
I Spent Easter with my Brother's Family 2009
I went apple picking in Saratoga Springs 2008
I had my 31st anniversary at the 1789
I had a pretty Christmas tree 2007
I had dinner at the Front Page, May 2007
I made a Christmas wreath Dec 2006
I visited Kathi & Stephen Nov 2006
I went to the Zoo with Victoria, Sept 2006
I organized NSF-PECASE, July 2006
I went to a 2-yr-old's birthday party
I visited the USNA with Shane Apr 2006
I got a letter from Kyler, Oct 2005
I went to Wolf Trap with Erica July 9, 2005
I was a delegate to a EU-NSF Conference in Brussels, 2005
I spent New Year's Day 2005 with Family
I had a busy Christmas 2004
I had two cheeseheads for dinner
I went to Olivia's baptism
I saw the Easter Bunny
I received a NSF Director's Award
I attended the Lemelson-MIT Awards
I hiked Tent Rocks with Barbara & Glenn
I went to the Federal Executive Institute
I eluded the deer hunters
I discovered a covered bridge in Virginia
I went on a picnic on Skyline Drive
I had a date at the Sign of the Dove
I missed Dan McKinnon's Funeral
I had dinner in Acapulco
I climbed Sharp Top Mountain
I heard the NOVA Chorus
I was quoted by AAAS' Science Magazine
I got the Vice President's "Hammer Award"
I vacationed in Merida, Mexico
I spent Christmas with Peggy
I hiked the Maroon Bells
I stayed in the Valley of Ten Peaks
I was blonde and played tennis
I went to my granddaughter's graduation
I wore The Hat
I visited Jeanne Hills at Christmas
I had a birthday in Grand Canyon
I taught at Manhasset
I stayed at a Mexican motel
I vacationed at Playa Zicatela
I visited my grandson Connor Larkin
I was voted a Paragon of Virtue
I got a Letter from Maurice
I picked apples with my grandchildren
I went people-watching in Oaxaca City
I went to the Kennedy Center
I went to Rebecca's graduation party
I received a Certificate of Service Award
I was told I am "Outstanding"
I graduated from CNR
I was a federal executive trainee
I got a drawing from Hillary
I was good at debating 
I was a Chief 
I got a birthday card from Nancy Jane
I was a bridesmaid
I had dinner with the Nat'l Science Board
I got a Godmother's Day card
I fell in love with San Miguel
I had a birthday at the Country Inn
I got a postcard from Ruane and Rory  
I climbed down the Little Devils Stairs