Once Upon a Time I Co-Founded an Art Project


  1998-1999 Committee Members

  Veronica Bankins, DAS 
Marcel Barden, MPS (co-chair)*+ 
Bennett Bertenthal, SBE 
Mary Clutter, BIO 
Robert Corell, GEO 
Rachel Delgado, DAS 
Machi Dilworth, BIO 
Robert Eisenstein, MPS 
Penelope Firth, BIO 
Karl Erb, O/D* 
Mary Lou Higgs, DAS 
Linda Massaro, IRM 
Bernard McDonald, MPS* 
Stuart Plattner, SBE* 
Elizabeth VanderPutten, EHR* 
Christina Wise-Mohr, SBE* (co-chair) 

*founding member 

The Art of Science Project was conceived and implemented by a cross-Directorate committee of NSF staff. Its purpose is to bring to NSF original works of art that visually explore the connections between artistic and scientific expression. Committee members on a volunteer basis have arranged a series of exhibits with advice from the Arlington County Cultural Affairs Division.

On display in a designated public space on the 3' floor, the exhibits are designed to enhance the NSF environment and to contribute to a broader understanding of the role of science and engineering in the creation of artistic works photographs.

In May-July, 1998, Dr. Amy Lamb displayed forty-seven botanical photographs. Trained as both a molecular biologist and an artist, Dr. Lamb uses the digital technology of an Iris printer to enlarge and enhance the morphologic detail of her vibrant color photographs.

In August-October, 1998, architect James Cutler and artist Maggie Smith displayed the drawings and plans for an Armed Forces Memorial commissioned by [he City of Norfolk, VA. Dedicated on July 4, 1998, their acclaimed design for the harbor site involved the development of unique foundry and marine engineering techniques. It features twenty wind-swept bronze letters from US servicemen and women who died in conflicts ever the past three centuries.