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Olivia Michelle Vander Putten 

Olivia is the second child of my godson Michael and his wife Tanya (Toni) and was born Wednesday, July 7, 2004.

"Toni delivered a baby girl, Olivia Michelle at 9:30pm. 8lbs 7ozs 19 inches."

Michael Vander Putten (aka Dad)
Wed, 7 Jul 2004 21:51:52

Mike, the New Dad (Again)


Victoria, the New Older Sister (for the first time)

Victoria Nicole VanderPutten's First Easter

Grandfather Richard and Grandmother Peggy smile happily as Victoria, in her Easter Sunday 2001 finery, contentedly checks out granddad.

Victoria Nicole Vander Putten 

"I Am Sure You Have All Heard, But Here It Is From The Proud Papa"
by Daddy (aka Michael Vander Putten)

Toni delivered a beautiful baby girl last night, 3-21-01, 7:23pm, 6lbs 5oz, 20 inches. Mom and baby are recovering nicely, (dad is worrying about when she will start dating). Toni has a slight fever but is very happy! The day started with Toni going in for a sonogram but they found her fluid to be too low so they had her induced. Of course I was in the city and did one of those movie mad dashes to the subway, railroad, taxi to get to the hospital. I arrived around 2, she was in some pain when I got there. They started the epidural and petosin and she started dilating, they expected her to give birth around 10pm. Around 7pm the doctor had this big look of shock on her face when she did her exam, she asked Toni if she was ready to push and that the baby was on the way! Toni, being the overachiever she is, started pushing and the baby's head started to show. At this point people started running in from all over, they could not get ready quick enough for this baby. About 10 minutes and 3-4 contractions later out came Victoria Nicole! I cut the cord, gave Toni a big kiss and got to hold my baby for the first time! HOW AMAZING!!!! 

Of course the proud Grandparents showed up about 10 minutes later and the two Grandma's started making their shopping plans. Toni should come home on Friday. 

Toni is at: 
North Shore University Hospital 
300 Community Drive 
Manhasset, NY 11030 
Room 313


Brother Rich: "I saw Victoria Nicole on video last night and she is the prettiest little girl you can imagine. She looks exactly like Grandma Franny only much smaller. She has chubby little cheeks and long track star (or runway model) legs. Kyler is already crazy about his cousin and now I have baby kiss marks all over my TV screen from him kissing his baby cousin's video image. I can't blame him, she's beautiful." 

Aunt Betty: "Toni and Mike (aka Mom and Dad) -- Thank you for the wonderful new screen saver of the lovely new VanderPutten which I have shared with everyone who comes near my office -- well maybe I haven't quite put it in as a screen saver, but it is up on my screen whenever I'm not typing...I think Meg's story about Kyler kissing the screen is wonderful."

Aunt Jean: "Absolutely beautiful! Please make more! I don't know who is prettier! She is adorable and I cannot wait to see & hold her. God bless you all!!

Aunt Laurie: "...the baby is beautiful.  Toni looks pretty good too after what she went through!"

Granddad Richard: "Pretty good" is an understatement. She looked great. Toni should bottle her secret and sell it to all moms to be. All of us males are glad that the females of the species have to endure that. Peggy says it is more proof that God is a MALE!

Uncle John: Wonderful news Mike and Toni! Pat and I are thrilled and so happy for you and wish all three of you luck and love. Don't tell my kids I told you this but children are what makes life complete!..

Kyler Richard VanderPutten

Meg and Kyler

January 5, 2000


Kyler Richard VanderPutten

Born: January 5, 2000
Time: 4:41 a.m.
Weight: 7 lbs. 5 oz.
Height: 19.5 inches