Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - New Generations

Photo by Richard VanderPutten, April 21, 2001

John Anthony Urbancik, April 21, 2001

"Why is this guy so happy?"

"A) He is married to Dorothy."

"B) He is eating a delicious dinner."

"C) He has a cold beer in front of him "

"D) He is so handsome." 

"E) All of the above "

"This picture is from my dad's 60th birthday party at the Irish coffee house." -- Rich VanderPutten

"He doesn't look so hen-pecked in this picture." --[Dad] Richard VanderPutten

"I thought it was because he has such a great Brother-in-law, (not Rich)" --Mike

The After the Holidays Party
January 7, 2000

My sister Jean and her husband Bob held an "After the Holidays" open house for family and friends.. "It was a very good time," wrote my nephew Rich (who is baby Kyler's father and who took this picture).

From left to right, Jonathan, Luke, Kyler, dad,  Aurora, Carole-Anne. Jonathan and Aurora are niece Dawne and Basil's children. Luke and Carole-Anne belong to niece Jill and Kevin.

Photo by Rich VanderPutten

My Brother John's 
Grandchildren, 2000

The tall girl standing in the middle with the glasses is Carole-Anne, my niece Jill's oldest. The little boy to her left in the picture is her son Luke.

Jonathan, niece Dawn's oldest, is the other little boy (on the right), and her little girl Aurora (The Daughter of the Dawn) is the smiling beauty in the middle.



"Stopping to Smell the Roses"

Little Dorothy -- who at 6 could do 50 pushups -- married John Urbancik on July 7, 2000.

My niece Dorothy VanderPutten, daughter of Dick and Peggy

July 1997


Michael and Tonya VanderPutten

My Godson Michael and his bride Tonya January 1999

Nephew Michael is the son of Dick and Peggy


"The Whole Gang"

Top, left to right, daughters Dawn and Jill, Jill's husband Kevin, Dawn's husband Basil.

Children (top center) Carole-Anne, Luke, Aurora and Jonathan.

(Brother John and his wife Pat's two daughters and their families.)

Christmas 1998



A Family Halloween - 1998

Luke as Blues Clue, Jonathan as Peter Pan, Aurora as Winnie de la Pooh, and Carole-Anne as 50s Girl with her Poodle skirt.

Blue's Clues is a children's show featuring a female cartoon dog named Blue. Each week the same show is broadcast each day. Its meant for little kids. In each show a very simple mystery is solved by finding 3 or 4 clues. Each clue is marked by a blue paw print. It teaches something of value in each show such as cooperation, thinking, etc.