Once Upon a Time I Studies Spanish in Cuernavaca

Spanish in Mexico

Clay Cummins and his wife Eve and I have been friends for 20 years. Until 1999, they went to Puerto Escondido with us every winter. He and I also study Spanish together back home. 

In 1995 we went to Cuernavaca for a 2-week immersion course. He is shown here in Mexico City. Since 1993, they have gone to Puerto Escondido with us every February.

Image of Elizabeth VanderPutten and classmates


 Classmates in Cuernavaca, Mx

In August 1995 I took a 2-week immersion course in Spanish. A group of us went to Taxco. With me (leftmost) are Irma, Wanda, Pilar and Stephan. (Diploma)


Centro de Estudios Linguisticos y Multiculturales, S.C.

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Spanish Immersion Program



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