Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Friends from Puerto Escondido

From the mid 1980s through 2000 (at least)  we vacationed each winter on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico in the town of Puerto Escondido. On this page are some of the friends we look forward seeing there each year. Clay and Eve Cummins from here in DC joined us in 1993 on our annual winter vacation. 

At about the same time, Gina Machorro moved to P.E. Bill and Rosemary James stayed for a week or two at the Santa Fe their first year and since then have become annual regulars at the Arcoiris. Judge Dick and his wife Mary Anne Giganti travel to Mexico with the James.

"Miss Puerto Escondido"

Gina Machorro Espinosa, February 1999

Gina is undoubtedly the most internationally well known person in Puerto Escondido. She works for the Oaxaca Ministry of Tourism. Gina knows everyone in town and most regular visitors by their first name.

Photo by Clay Cummins



Two Roses

Our long time friend Clay Cummins between Gina and me. This was taken on the terrace of Gina's home in February, 1999

The Judge

Mary Ann and Dick Jigante

Puerto Escondido
February 1996



The Social Director

Rosemary James is the chief social organizer for the regulars. Rafting, a lagoon trip, meeting for drinks at the Arcoiris, exercise classes, if it is fun, she has it scheduled.

Rosemary and Bill James, shown here in March 1997, are inveterate travelers. If it has an airport and requires a visa, they have probably been there.

The Dynamic Duo

These are the two most dynamic, energetic people we know in Puerto Escondido. Gina and Rosemary have become such good friends that Gina visited Rosemary and Bill at their Chicago home at Christmas, 1997.

March 1997


The Bicyclist

Bill James, whose relationship to Will James and Henry James is unknown to me at the moment, rides his bike for exercise every single morning. He is shown here in March 1996.

A Day in the Life of a Vacationer

Mary Ann Jiganti (center) and Barbara Calahan (right) are hard at work getting a tan, while Gina (left) takes time off from her official duties as "La Reina de Puerto Escondido."

Circa 1997