Once Upon a Time I got a letter from Kyler

While working temporarily at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, I sent a post card to my grand nephew Kyler who is the son of Rich and Meg VanderPutten. I got the following note from Kyler in response. He was in kindergarten at the time.

Dear Aunt Betty!

Thanks for sending us the postcard. We hope you're having fun in Berlin. We have a new cat. His name is Melville. He is tan colored but he called a Red Maine Coon. He's only a baby now, but his tail will look like a raccoon tail one day. He's really soft and he loves to play with us.

I'm in Kindergarten. My teacher is Ms. Canzano. I won an award because I showed "respect' and my name was on the loudspeaker and there is a star on the wall in my school with my name on it. You can see it when you walk in the front door. I went to a party at school for kids who won the "respect' prize.

I like school. I get to take the bus to school. I like recess because I get to play with my friends. I like art and music and Friday is Library day.

I'm in Kung Fu now. When I grow up I want to be a Kung Fu teacher like Tristan. Tristan is my teacher and we play fun games and I'm really good at Kung Fu. I wear a black uniform.

On Halloween 1 have a costume and I can be a Ninja. Tristan said that it's not the same as Kung Fu hut I think Ninjas are really cool. Matthew will be a boxer. Mommy says ii he doesn't have a black eye that day, we'll just paint one on him.

Matthew will be 3 years old right before Halloween. He's having a Robots birthday party. He will bring cupcakes to his school. Anthony goes to his school too. I used to there when I was little. Erica is walking. She's doing a really great job.

We picked pumpkins with Grandma and Pop. We bought pie and now I like pie. Emily Cole came over my house and we made a fort under the table and read books. Then we went to the movies. We had a really fun day.

Daddy works in a new store and we went there and they had a chocolate fountain in the store. They had crabs and lobsters and dead fish with the heads still on. We bought organic Oreo cookies and macaroni and cheese and a lot of apples.

Matthew learned how to ride a bike and now he has to get his own bike cuz he always wants to ride mine. Now we'll both have a hike with training wheels. That will be his birthday present.

Have a happy rest of your trip.

Love, Kyler

Dictated to and slightly edited by,
October 10, 2005