Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Once Upon a Time I was a Juror

Jury Foreman

From December 14-18, 1998 I was Juror 836611 and Jury Forman in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

In a drug sale case I twice reported a hung jury and twice was asked by the judge to try again.

Finally, late Friday afternoon I reported a guilty verdict. The judge complimented us and my colleagues thought I walked on water.

Every two years and occasionally more often, I get called for jury duty. Sometimes I am called by my VanderPutten name and at others by my Larkin name, as above. 

Once I was called for two different jury duty assignments at the same time. I wrote to the Judge explaining that I am really very good at most things and that in fact some people think I am really exceptional. But I just did not think I could handle this request. A couple of days later I was talking with one of the court clerks. She said my letter had cracked up the whole staff, who were so amused they too it in to the chief justice.