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John Urbancik Graduates, is Valedictorian

"John graduated with honors this morning as a Suffolk County Correctional Officer. He delivered his Valedictorian address with firm conviction and a shaky voice. He even skipped a page, which lightened up the moment. These are pictures of John with his favorite women (and son Anthony)."

-Richard R. Vander Putten
Friday, 24 Jan 2003

John and Dorothy

"John is graduating from the Suffolk County Corrections Office!!! Three months of torture is done!"

"But the best part is he is Valedictorian of his class!!!!!!!"

"I'm so proud!!"

-Dorothy Vander Putten Urbancik

February 24, 2003. Photo by Richard R. Vander Putten

February 24, 2003. Photo and text by Richard R. Vander Putten

John and his mom Carmen

John’s brief speech began with a quick review of all the difficult training courses, like “Cardiac Hill” and Mace training.

He carefully thanked his family and particularly his wife Dorothy for their support. 

Their class motto was “Many links, one chain” and he noted that that would be the standard for this class for their entire careers.

 John, Mom and Mom-in-Law Peggy, and son Anthony

These pictures were taken at a coffee and cake party at St Joseph’s College in Patchogue, where the commencement exercises were held.

St Joseph’s College in Patchogue is the same Campus that Dorothy graduated from a few years ago.

February 24, 2003. Photo and text by Richard R. Vander Putten