Once Upon a Time I Visited Jeanne Hills at Christmas

A Visit with Jeanne

During our Christmas 2002 visit with Dan and his family in Saratoga Springs, I had a chance to visit with Jeanne Hills in her new home in Ballston Spa, NY.

Doesn't she look soooo great!

I've always remembered Jeanne with special affection. I met her on our honeymoon, and she baked a wedding cake for us -- on the hottest day in years -- and that was in the days before air conditioning.


P.S. Glance through the window. There are almost 2 feet of snow piled up outside.

Visiting Jeanne Hills in Balston Spa, NY, at Christmas 2002. Adam and Sara Hills, Elizabeth, Dan Larkin, Jeanne Hills
Adam Hills Esq, Elizabeth VanderPutten, Sara Hills, Dan Larkin and Jeanne McBride Hills. December 29, 2002.