Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Friends from My Teaching Days in Manhasset

Larry Lachman

Photo Courtesy Larry Lackman

A few years ago, I went back to Manhassett, NY where I once taught high school to attend a book signing by a former student, Dr. Larry Lachman.

Larry's parents had a reception afterward. It was nice to see a number of other former students with whom Larry has stayed in touch.

"Dr. Larry" is now nationally recognized animal psychologist and behavioral specialist, author of four books to date (including Dogs on the Couch and Birds on the Counter), host of a weekly radio program Family Animal Show, and teaches at Chapman College.

The Whole Gang

This "is a photo of many of my fellow students who went to Manhasset. In the back row, from left to right, is James Brull, who was also at the Manhasset gathering on May 20th, and the man 3rd from the right in the back row is Niel Miele who was also there on the 20th, and in the front row, behind me kneeling in the center, and right behind me to my left in the white blouse is Pam Sabrin."

Larry Lachman
June 13, 2001

(The book Pam and others are holding is Larry's Cats on the Counter)

Photos Courtesy Larry Lackman