Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Friends 

Friends from Washington, DC Days

The Carlyle Restaurant, Arlington, VA. May 27, 2009

Margaret Windus, Maureen Wright, Alan Bow, Brian and I at Lunch

Brian's sister Maureen initiated a get together with Margaret, Alan, Brian and me centered around a visit to the US Botanic Gardens.

We are long time friends who used to camp together when our children were teenagers and later were guests at Margaret's and Alan's Front Royal country house. 

John Doolittle and Ellen Baker

John and Ellen in Puerto Vallarta for their 40th anniversary.

October 19, 1968-2008

This was from John and Ellen's 2008 Christmas card.

John Doolittle, Ellen Baker, Ellen's 89-yr-old mother and 15-yr-old niece white water rafting
John Doolittle, Ellen Baker, and 89-year old Mrs. Baker. June 2007

John Doolittle and Ellen Baker

"Ellen and I went to Alaska this past June along with E's 89 year-old mother and 15 year-old niece. 

"All four of us took to the whitewater rapids of that state and here's the proof."

Sun, 16 Dec 2007


John Doolittle and Ellen Baker, 2006

"We're off to Buenos Aires in a couple weeks to mark JD's 65th (!), having recently discovered tango...," Ellen wrote in September.

"Traveling forth on life's path" Christmas, 2006

John Doolittle and Ellen Baker, December 2005

What They Did on Their 2005 Christmas Vacation

John and Ellen went "on a sort of pilgrimage to Peru's Machu Picchu. It's also an opportunity for Ellen to endure/celebrate turning 60 as we scale the mountain."



Nancy Jane (nee Stubbs) Feuerstein and John Warren Feuerstein

At their Wedding
July 2003

Nancy Jane and I have been friends since we first worked together at the National Institute for Education (NIE) back in 1985 or 1986. Also see:

A Birthday in Daytona Beach, 1999 
Three Friends on an Annual Gathering 1995 
Halloween at the Salt Pond 1991

Glenn Porter, Elizabeth, Brian and Barbara Butler, December 31, 2000 

New Year's Eve 2000

We spent New Year's Eve with Barbara Butler and Glenn Porter at their home in Delaware. One of the highlights of the evening was a visit to neighboring Longwood Gardens. (A second was Barbara's green chili tamales and a third was toasting the New Year with champagne from Albuquerque!)

We are shown here facing the Orangery inside the 4-acre Longwood Conservatory. Behind us is the Exhibition Hall with 1000s of poinsettias circling a pool. In the background is the Music Room and a 16-foot revolving Christmas tree.



John Doolittle and Ellen Baker,
Christmas 2000

Ellen is a clinical psychologist in private practice and John is a journalism professor at American University. John served on the Lauren Board of Directors at one time or another with both of us. And until 2001, Ellen had her practice at the Lauren.

Some time around 1995, we almost had them talked into spending a week or two with us in Mexico. On their own, they tried Acapulco. Ellen got sick. And that ended any ideas for future ventures in that direction. 

In 2001, John published Don McNeill and his Breakfast Club and in early 2003 Ellen's Caring for Ourselves : A Therapist's Guide to Personal and Professional Well-Being was published.



Jim Aldrich and Anne Blackburn 

The four of us go back to the mid 70's when Brian was head of the NCSS and Jim headed an environmental group. I remember once Jim went to winter meeting of UNESCO in Helsinki with the coat off Brian's back. Visiting them the night before it came up that living in DC Jim didn't own a winter coat so Brian gave him his.

Jim and Anne are avid visitors to Ireland and Scotland. This photo was taken on October 8, 2003 at the Torosay Castle and Gardens on the Island of Mull, Scotland. They stayed at Highland Cottage, a small inn in Tobermory "with extraordinarily good food." According to Jim, "Anne was traveling 'incognito'."

Three Friends on an Annual Gathering

Nancy Jane Stubbs, Elizabeth VanderPutten and Margaret Windus at the house on the Salt Pond near Ocean City, MD

October 1995



Image: Nancy Jane Stubbs


Halloween at the Salt Pond

Margaret was the unanimous choice as winner of our "paint a witch's face" contest for the uncanny likeness of her entry to a well known personality. (Left) Brian Larkin, Nancy Jane Stubbs, Elizabeth VanderPutten, Margaret Windus and Alan Bow. 1991

Alan Bow and Margaret Windus

Two of my oldest Washington DC friends are Margaret Windus and Alan Bow. We go back to our Shenandoah hiking days.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s we often camped together at Big Meadow. 

Later on, as the ground got harder and the children got older, Margaret and Alan built a country house outside Front Royal. After that, going to the country for the weekend meant going to Alan and Margaret's place in Front Royal.

After Margaret retired, they became avid travelers. They are shown here at Hampton Court in London in 2003.



Clay Cummins

Clay, his wife Eve and I have been friends since the mid-70's. He and I studied Spanish together. In 1995 we went to Cuernavaca, Mexico for a 2-week immersion course

Clay is shown here in Mexico City. Between 1993 and 2000, Clay and Eve went to Puerto Escondido with us every February.

About 2001, Clay and Eve moved to a retirement community in suburban Virginia and have been really pleased with the move.