Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - The Manhattan Branch of My VanderPuttens

This page features four generations of my Uncle Bert's and Aunt Ruth's side of my VanderPutten family. My cousin Tommy and my brother Dick were and remain best friends, while my cousin Gary and my sister Jean were closest as children. 
Thomas and Joan VanderPutten with grandson Peter

Thomas and Joan Vander Putten
Peter Ryan Vander Rhodes

Peter, who was born Friday, December 13, 2002,  is their first grandchild

"This  was taken at our annual Key West get together in 2003" - Vicki

Aunt Ruth and Three of her Sons:

Jimmy, Gary and Tom


"This was taken at [Grandmother] Ruth's 90th birthday party in March 2003 at Jimmy's house.: -Vicki

Joy, Christine and Vicki,  November 2002 at Chris's baby shower

Vicki Vander Putten, 2003 - Vicki lives in MA with sister Christine and Joy is in Chicago

Greg, Christine and Peter on Peter's 1st birthday 

December 13,  2003

Michael and Bryan with Peter at Gary's house for Thanksgiving 2003

Michael and Bryan with Peter at Gary's house for Thanksgiving 2003

"The boys live-in Manhattan" - Vicki Vander Putten


Gary and Jan VanderPutten


My cousin Gary has change a bit since we were kids together and spent parts of our summers with our grandparents at Lake Carmel. Gary was always my sister Jean's favorite cousin. 

Click here for a photo of Jimmy (9), Elizabeth (17), John & Jean (14) and Gary (13) at their grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary on June 10, 1960.

Thomas J. VanderPutten

"Beard No. 5 Looks Something Like This"

"When [Joan and I] got married, I was fresh out of the Air Force -- no beard.  Soon after we married I grew my first.  When asked to be part of [Dick and Peggy's] wedding party, I asked Peggy if she wanted her wedding album full of some usher with face fuzz.  She graciously said she'd prefer clean shaven ushers.  After Jeanie took a few pix for posterity I was as smooth as a babies but.  I graduated NYIT w/ fuzz a few years later.  I think I'm working on my fifth one now."

Thomas VanderPutten
April 25, 2001

Portrait at Two

My cousin Thomas J. VanderPutten, Aunt Ruth's and my late Uncle Bert's son. Tom is the father of  Christine, Michael, twins Bryan & Joy, and Victoria. At least two are said to be devoted Yankee fans like their father. Tom's cousin-in-law Charles (Duda) Balta recently  "discovered a new planet in the solar system."


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Thomas Vander Putten
"What my computer saw when the "stay order" came up on the screen...." --November 2000