Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Recent Family Pictures

Photo by Jean VanderPutten Pollack

Aunt Annette and Me

We were at Jean and Bob's home for dad's 92nd birthday celebration in August 2003.

Aunt Annette, aka the Bionic Woman, was 88 at the time. Doesn't she look remarkable!

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My Brother Dick and his Wife Peggy

Their 34th Christmas, 2001 together

We joined Dick and Peggy at godson Michael & wife Tanya Vander Putten's home for a family Christmas dinner. Also with us were 10-month-old Victoria, 90-year-old dad, stunning Aunt Annette, sister Jean and husband Bob Pollack, niece Dorothy and husband John Urbancik, and Tanya's parents Joel and Frances Canarick

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Photo by Rich & Meg VanderPutten

Two Classy Ladies - 2001

Aunt Annette and her great granddaughter Victoria on Easter Sunday 2001. Victoria certainly looks contented, doesn't she.

My brother Dick and his wife Peggy had dad and Aunt Annette; Michael, Toni and Victoria; Rich, Meg and Kyler; and a few others for a visit.

Easter Sunday 2001


The New Mexico VanderPuttens

On September 19, 1999 I popped in on Uncle Bobby (left), Aunt Doris at their home in Rio Ranchos near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We are shown here having brunch at the Rancho de Corrales Restaurant in Corrales. On my left is their son and my cousin, Robert Jr.


A Family Gathering

My family gathered to celebrate Michael & Tonya's Wedding, July 12, 1997.

Brother Dick (with bow tie), yours truly, Jean's husband Bob, sister Jean, aunt Annette, brother John, (front) Dick's wife Peggy (in pink), John's wife Pat, dad and his date Pat Moore, and Brian.


Brother John and Sister-in-Law Pat

This is the same brother John in November 1998 whose 1953 Communion picture and 1967 wedding picture appear elsewhere here. My but he has grown up, hasn't he!


Sister Jean and her husband Bob Pollack, 1999

Like her twin brother John, Jean has changed a bit since her 1953 First Communion picture.


Uncle Robbie, mid-1980's

"The photo was taken in Fleischmann's, NY. This was taken just before he started getting sick, somewhere in the mid eighties I believe We had been discussing his moving up to the Catskills for a simpler life somewhat closer to nature and perhaps similar to his youth in Valley Stream. He seemed taken with the mountains, clear streams, and wood burning stove. Those are certainly some of the reasons I escaped Manhattan in '78"

"That was Bob's last trip up here. He started getting sick and became nervous about the long drive from the flats of L.I. to these har mountains."
"Unfortunately, that is the only picture I ever took of Bob and I'm embarrassed I can't pin down the date with any more certainty."

Dan Foder
April 30, 2004

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