Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Parents' Generation, Part 1 


My Father John Richard and Aunt Annette VanderPutten Circa 1917

My father was about 6-years-old and Aunt Annette about 3-years-old here. 

Note the doll's head (sans body) in Annette's hand. According to my sister Jean, Aunt Annette was quite concerned about her 'baby' when this picture was being taken. 

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Dad Graduates Brooklyn Prep 1927

Aunt Annette Graduates St. Francis 1931


My Mother

Dorothy Elizabeth (Easson) VanderPutten
(December 19, 1913 - September 4, 1956)

"Music waves eternal wands, 
Enchantress of the Souls of Mortals." 

-1931 Yearbook
St. Agnes Academy

Dorothy Easson VanderPutten at piano


My Mother (Circa 1935)

My mother was a gifted pianist who gave up the idea of a career in music to raise a family.





Aunt Annette at a Business Meeting at the Doral Country Club, Miami, July 1971

"Please bear in mind that, in the olden days, it was customary to wear appropriate formal attire when attending a business forum."

--Annette VanderPutten
Brooklyn, NY
February 2000

Annette VanderPutten beside pool
Robert Easson

Uncle Robbie Easson

Circa 1993 

Like the winds before Poseidon, wayward TVs behaved when he entered the room


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Mrs. G between Elizabeth and Jean, Circa 1977

After mom died, Mrs. G. (Grieshaber) came to look after us. She became a kind of second mother for all of us and especially for Jean.

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