Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - Dad's 90th & 93rd Birthday Parties

Dad at 93 Holds Newly Baptized Great Grand Daughter Olivia
Dad (aka Big Pop), one Daughter, one Granddaughter, assorted Great Grandchildren, and Others -- August 22, 2004
Dad with his great granddaughter Olivia Michelle Vander Putten at her Christening, August 21, 2004 at St. John's RC Church, Bohemia, NY.

Olivia is the daughter of my godson Michael and his wife Toni Vander Putten


Dad at his 93rd birthday party

Surrounding dad (on the upper left) I am holding Olivia, Meg is holding Matthew, Jonathan, Dorothy is holding Erica, coming back across is Aurora, Big Pop is holding Anthony, Kyler, Emily Cole  (cousin Tom's youngest), Victoria.

Jean and Bob hosted the party at their home on August 22, 2004. It was a busy weekend for dad.



A John Richard VanderPutten Family Portrait 2001

The photo was taken on September 8, 2001 at a party celebrating Dad's 90th birthday. My sister Jean and her husband Bob hosted the affair at their home in Bellmore, N.Y. not far from Valley Stream where we all grew up and where dad still lives. [Click on picture for enlargement]

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Zapp

[Top row left:] bother Dick, brother-in-law Bob's step-father Bill Mozo, brother John's father-in-law Ed. Smith, aunt Annette, niece Jill's husband Kevin, niece Jill, yours truly, husband Brian, brother John's wife Pat, niece Dawn (sunglasses), [middle row] niece Jill's children Carol-Anne (in hat) and Luke (blue shirt), [Top row] bother John, Dad, niece Dawn's husband Basel, brother John's mother-in-law Dorothy Smith, sister Jean, nephew Michael, sister-in-law Peggy; [front row left] nephew Richard, nephew Michael's wife Toni, niece Dorothy, niece Dawn's children Aurora and Jonathan, brother-in-law Bob's mother Florienne Mozo, brother-in-law Bob. [Missing from the picture is nephew Michael's daughter Victoria (napping). Also missing are nephew Rich's wife Meg and son Kyler, who was ill and did not attend.]