Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Father in Recent Years

Photo by Jean VanderPutten

92 Years

Dad and me on his 92nd birthday celebration, which Jean and Bob hosted at their home.

August 2003

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91 Years

Dad "Big Pop" John Richard VanderPutten, born August 15, 1911, holds great grandson Matthew Patrick Vander Putten, born October 28, 2002.

Thanksgiving Day, 2002

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  Dan in his new senior citizen's apartment

Dad's New Apartment - December  2001

Dad enjoying his new TV in his new senior citizen's apartment where he moved just before Christmas 2001.

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Elizabeth and Her Dad
Celebrate His 90th Birthday

On September 8, 2001, my sister Jean and her husband Bob held a party for my family to celebrate dad's 90th birthday.

My friends, looking at this picture, wonder not only at dad's health but exclaim, "Will you look at that hair and that devilish twinkle in his eye!"

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Dad 2001

Dad at Dick's 60th birthday party, April 21, 2001. Next to Dad is Jean. I am standing with my big brother and my little brother (!) Dick and John.



Great Grandpa and Victoria, 2001

Dad on Easter Sunday, 2001, with his great granddaughter Victoria. Could anyone be more peaceful than she?

My brother Dick and his wife Peggy had dad and Aunt Annette; Michael, Toni and Victoria; Rich, Meg and Kyler; and a few others for a visit.

Photo By Rich & Meg VanderPutten, Easter Sunday, 2001


Dad on His 88th Birthday

August 1999




Dad and His Four Children 1999

On Dad's right is older brother Dick, and on his left is younger brother John in the blue T-shirt. My sister Jean, with the floral top, is on my right. This was August 15, 1999 -- dad's 88th birthday.



"The Commodore"

For many years, one of my father's real joys was sailing his 27' boat on Long Island Sound. Like everything else dad undertook, sailing was more than just an amusement. He studied it and until he was 85 (!) taught navigation at the Power Squadron.