Once Upon a Time I watched a Moment of History

The White House is only eight blocks from where I live. On Inauguration Day 2001, I walked down to watch the parade. I've seen lot's of demonstrations but this was the first time I'd ever seen one at an inaugural parade. It was a moment in history.

"The nation's 54th presidential inauguration was a boisterous epilogue to a bitterly fought election, as hundreds of thousands of people cheering George W. Bush shared the soggy streets of downtown Washington yesterday with several thousand others who came to denounce his ascension to power." --The Washington Post, Monday, January 21, 2001

"Protest leaders said they achieved their aim of turning America's Main Street into a gantlet of dissent for President Bush's motorcade to pass through. Demonstrators were evident on every block of the 1.6-mile route, and on some blocks on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue, they outnumbered other parade- goers." --The Washington Post, Monday, January 22, 2001