Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten 

Barbara Butler's Retirement, October 29, 1998

Harried NSF Program Director 
(the job Barbara was leaving)


Harried NSF Program Director
(one year after retirement)


Photo by Barbara Butler  

Photo by Barbara Butler


Image: Nancy Jane Stubbs

The Mah Jongg Players

Barbara and I ham it up a bit as I deliver the "we will miss you Barbara Butler" speech at her retirement party at NSF.

(Left) Delcie R. Durham, Janice M. Earle, yours truly, Joyce B. Evans, Barbara Butler, Glenn Porter  (Barbara's Husband), and Deh-I Hsiung 


Good Colleagues

Barbara Butler (left) has for the last few years been my best woman friend at NSF. Beside her is her husband Glenn Porter. The Irishman to my right is Aemonn Kelly, my new colleague and friend in EHR.

Image: Alan Bow and Margaret Windus

Barry Van Deman

Barbara's replacement in Informal Education checks what looks like a rose wine at her party.



"What time does this thing end?"

Acting Division Director Hyman Field with Penny McGruder.

"Do you happen to know where Barbara is going to retire to," asked Penny?

"Why certainly," replied Hyman, "don't you? Well, click here and you can see the site of Barbara's future retirement estate in New Mexico."