Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten - My Cousin Barbara VanderPutten


Barbara VanderPutten

I was born February 17, 1954 in San Francisco - the kick-ass big sister. Probably the most interesting tidbit about me is my involvement with music. I sang with a classical choral group for about 18 years. I even participated in a performance of Verdi's Requiem on the Carnegie Hall stage!

For the last 5 years I've been singing with the Sweet Adelines (women's barbershop singing). Our chorus - Mission Valley - took 7th place in the most recent International Competition in Atlanta. I'm the Assistant Director as well.


The Aquanettas
February 2000

I recently formed a quartet with 3 other gals called The Aquanettas - a sort of Beach Blanket Babylon meets The B-52's. Just think Big Hair!! We'll do barbershop with a twist.

I also fulfilled a dream to work on radio and share hosting duties on KKUP radio (www.kkup.com). We work The Human Voice show and feature acappella vocal harmony. It's a blast! (streaming media URL http://live.kkup.com:8000)

In the real world, I'm a mild-mannered Master Production Scheduler at Genus, Inc.

Our New Look

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, there's more! This picture was taken after [we finished the show] and had changed into our "casual" hair attire.

We had purchased them the night before at a hat store down the street from the hotel and spent all night sewing mirabou (the black fuzzy stuff on the brim) on the hat. Talk about last minute preparations!

For more information, you can check  www.snbw.org. We have aligned ourselves with Support Network for Battered Women as a way of giving something back to the community - 25% of our receipts are donated to this group. We also hope it will provide an opportunity to introduce women in need of direction to a fun hobby. We're very proud of our association with this group. --*Duchess*

(These pictures continues to show the East Coast Van's that the West Coast Van's really ARE weird!!! I love it!!)

August 10, 2000

Left to right: Barbara VanderPutten (Duchess), Linda Kuester (BouFont), Trish Sliter (Trixie) and Sydney Williams (Venus).


An Old Fashioned Christmas 
at Home with 
The Aquanettas

December 9, 2000
The San Francisco Sound Waves Chorus
San Francisco, CA



Spring Fashions
April 2001

And here they are once again, those four glamorous fashion models Trixie the Tress Trainer, Duchess of Dippity Do, Venus De Stylo, and Bou Font of the world famous Aquanettas bringing us a stunning display of daring elegance and sophistication just in time for the spring fashion season.

The jacket and bell-bottom is pearlescent red vinyl, the black pants are made of crushed velvet and the collar and cuffs, zebra. 


The Aquanettas as Mermaids
April 2003

Barbara's singing group "The Aquanettas" this is their newest costume "Mermaids"

In real life (?) they are:

Tenor: Sydney Williams - Partner, Eidea Design 
Lead: Trish Sliter - Retired Personnel Specialist, currently in Administration at Hewlett-Packard 
Baritone: Linda Kuester - Freelance Desktop Publisher 
Bass: Barbara Vander Putten - Master Production Scheduler at Genus, Inc.


Here are the latest photos of the Aquanetta's

-Laurie Loken
Tuesday, Apr 27, 2004

Editor's Note: When Barbara introduced her quartet a few years ago, she said, "Think Big Hair."

Somehow, that no longer seem to do them justice.