Once Upon A Time I worked for Vice President Mondale's Task Force




701 St. Paul Street, Suite 500, Baltimore, Maryland 21202

November 16, 1979

Elizabeth VanderPutten
2025 I Street Suite 314
Washington, D.C. 20006

Dear Elizabeth:

As we add the finishing touches to the Conference Report, I would like to thank and commend you for the outstanding job you did in all phases of "Classrooms and Workplaces," from developing the symposia to escorting the major speakers, from planning the head tables to writing the Conference Report. Although our responsibility for this conference is about over, the public record attests to the fact that the positive impact of the conference will be long lasting. Plans are already underway for a follow-up regional "Classrooms and Workplaces" conference for New England prime sponsors and LEA's and representatives from a variety of educational agencies (NEA, AFT, PTA, NASBE) are planning a joint trip to Baltimore in early December to visit our youth programs. More importantly, the recommendations that came out of the Saturday session are already receiving serious consideration in the early drafts of Administration's youth legislative initiative.

The almost universal praise that this conference has received is a reflection of the creativity and hard work that you and the rest of our Conference Planning Team put into the conference.

When organizing the Conference Planning Team we made a conscious attempt to hire a group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds that would represent the range of perspectives of the institutions that would be attending the conference. If the group harmony and cohesiveness demonstrated by the Conference Planning Team is symbolic of the future, then we may indeed be on the right road toward collaboration.

Thank you again for your assistance in making the conference a national success. You did a super job!



Marion W. Pines