Once Upon a Time I Searched for the "Perfect Apple," September 2008

The Great Saratogian Apple Picking Crew

We are waiting for the tractor and wagon to pick us up and for the ride to the orchard.

Is this an apple picking crew, or what!

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Michelle, Grandma Elizabeth, Granddad Brian, Shane, Travis, Erica, Dan. Grandma Elizabeth, Erica and Dan have bags we filled with Macs. October 12, 2008

Elizabeth looks for possible flaws in an apple Dan has picked, while Shane checks out another in the background. October 12, 2008

Searching for the "Perfect Apple"

In addition to picking apples for the pies that Michelle was going to bake that afternoon, we were looking for the "Perfect Apple."

A spring hail storm, when apples were green and young, left blemishes on most of them.

Finding unmarked fruit was our task.

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The Erica and Travis Team

Here Travis looks dubiously at his apple, while Erica just looks happy.


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Travis and Erica, October 12, 2008

October 12, 2008

Michelle Reaches for the Illusive "Perfect Apple"


Finding the perfect apple meant looking where others had not already been.


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Dan is Up the Tree

Others had been through these trees before us and picked the best on the lower branches.

Never to be deterred, Dan made the upper branches his territory.



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October 12, 2008

October 12, 2008

Shane Reaches 

Shane's 6-foot frame and long arms let him reach apples way above the heads of his mom and Erica and me.

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Here is One

It's kind of small, but this is perfect :)

But on our way back to the car, Dan told us he had found the really "perfect apple." 

The problem was that his arms were filled cradling a bag so it wouldn't break, so he couldn't get the "perfect apple" which was still on the tree.

Oh, sure...

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October 12, 2008