Once Upon a Time I Vacationed in Acapulco  

Acapulco, Mexico

In February 1986 we vacationed at the Las Brisas resort in Acapulco. We had a private casita ("small house") with our own private pool and rode every where in pink jeeps. 

The Las Brisas is a once in a lifetime, world class resort that I'd always wanted to visit because Uncle Bert spoke so highly of it.

Las Brisas is said to have the world's largest privately owned fleet of jeeps.

The main drive up through Las Brisas runs from the highway almost straight up the mountain to the tennis courts and the El Mexicano restaurant.

Bel Vista Restaurant

The Las Brises has three restaurants. The Bel Vista features French cuisine, El Mexicano is Mexican, and the club house on the bay has light meals.

We ate twice at the Bel Vista, where this photo was taken, but preferred El Mexicano.

We also tried various places in the town. Su Casa was our favorite there.

Our Private Casita

Our casita had four unparalleled features -- privacy, service, view, and the "magic box."

Privacy is self explanatory. Service is the result of having three times as many staff members as guests. One person is in charge of keeping fresh bougainvillea petals strewn on our private pool each day. 

The view is what you get overlooking Acapulco Bay from half way up a small mountain.

The "magic box" is a box built into the thick wall of each casita. It has an outside and an inside door. When we awoke in the morning, there was a thermal carafe of coffee, fresh fruit and rolls waiting for us to take to our terrace beside our private pool and have breakfast looking out on this view. Some hotels provide a newspaper for their guests in the morning. Believe me, the "magic box" is nicer.

Parasailing over Acapulco Bay. Parasailing was invented in Acapulco

Brian Went Parasailing

Parasailing is the recreational sport of soaring in a parachute while being towed by a motorboat.

What makes this interesting is that Brian, in his words, "gets acrophobia leaning out of basement windows." 

He totally panicked and ended up landing in the ocean, and to  top it off, the developer lost the roll of film.

We Watched the La Quebrada Cliffs Divers

One of Acapulco's unique attractions are the world known La Quebrada cliff divers who plunge 136 feet over the face of a rock precipice into a 9 1/2 foot deep inlet from the Pacific Ocean.

They put on five performances a day. 

We watched the evening show from the La Mirador hotel where we had dinner. (Another place for viewing, for a small fee, is from balconies built into the cliffs below the Hotel Plaza Las Glorias.)

The divers climb up the cliff in the dark carrying  lighted torches. We could see them at the top before they dove. 

When they dove, they were lost in the night for a few seconds and then emerged into the light rimming the inlet below just before they hit the water.