Once Upon a Time I has a pretty Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree


We've always had a live tree for Christmas. 

Once we had a 6' Douglas Fir that took up most of the window space.

Another time, because we were in Mexico at Christmas, we had a 30" table tree.

Reflecting an important part or our lives, one of the main types of decorations are small souvenirs from different places we have visited.


This crèche was a wedding present from my uncle Bert and aunt Ruth, and the cross was a Christmas present from our daughter Kathi. Both came from Mexico.

Each year, when we get out our Christmas decorations, I always remember Uncle Bert. And I always remember thinking when he gave this crèche to us that it was an odd present, and particularly for a July wedding.

And I always think of how much more he knew than I. It was one of the most memorable presents I've ever received because every year I think of him and Aunt Ruth.

Madonna and Light

This display sits atop the bookcase behind the Christmas tree above.

Framed by a spider plant and fern is a small display of statutes of women I've gotten around the world.

The Madonna is from Mexico. The Southwestern adobe-like lamp was a gift from Kathi.